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Alessandro Forte
Born in Vigevano in the March of 1982
World trade manager

Stefano Ottone
Born in Milan in the February of 1984
Design and communication manager


GLASSING is born in a diverting summer of 2008 on the island Ibiza in Spain.
Inspired by the beauty of the island and its intrinsic creativity, Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone decide to establish their own brand of eyewear. Glassing is born from a profound passion for vintage eyewear that Alessandro and Stefano sold on the island, and the success they had doing so, made them decide to start the creation of their own design that begun with the production of sun fluo multi-coloured sunglasses.
coloured frames. Their products, distributed by means of vending machines placed in the numerous clubs on the island, reached the sale of over 20.000 glasses in just one summer. Due to the reputation earned on Ibiza and the expertise acquired, Glassing broadens its horizons reaching the best shops all over the world. From then on Glassing is sold all over the world in more than 1500 points of sale like the Exelsior and LaRinascente in Milan, the Lafayette Galleries in Peking, Twist in Hong Kong, Mr. M in Beirut, and in Dubai through The Beach, JBR and the City Walk. Another step in the growth of Glassing has been reached by starting in 2013 with The opening of its own mono-brand stores,located in the most demanding resorts in the world. The shops are showcases that satisfy the most demanding and trendy clients. Glassing owns a great deal of its success to its partners and clients, being the best brand ambassadors to help Glassing to strengthen its position in the world. The Glassing mood is not only expressed by its collections; the will of Alessandro and Stefano is to catch on and transmit a life style that has been their inspiration from the beginning; having passion and faith in what they do without losing the irony of those who never take themselves too seriously.


From then on, Alessandro and Stefano embraced their new direction and evolved the brand collection after collection. Their success gave them the desire to experiment and create more unique designs, cutting edge shapes and textures, often combined in unusual ways. They believe in the creativity of young designers and champion their courage, whilst trusting in the knowledge of the best Italian factories for their production quality and care.


Taco Langius
Taco Langius is a Dutch designer graduated in Industrial Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, who works in Italy since 1992. After having collaborated for 14 years with the studio of Piero Lissoni’s, he opens his own activity in 2005. He works in product and interior design, retail, contract and communication projects. He teaches Product Design at the master course and Design of the Product System at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Since 2019, he holds the position of Design Director for the Inthegarden design platform in Piacenza and Brand Manager for the Glassing Company. Among its clients Volkswagen, Metadesign Berlin and Zurich, IAID Beijing, Frighetto, Busnelli and Brionvega.

Giulio Masciocchi
I was born on Lake Como in 1990. First graduated in Graphics and Communication,then with honors in product design in Milan, Istituto Marangoni. After working as a draftsman in London, I went back to Italy and started important collaborations with national and international companies in the fashion and accessories sector and design. I actively deal with concept / product design, interior design, creative direction, design for fabric, graphics and communication.In2016 i founded G.DESIGN, my atelier,a studio specialized in the creation of handmade and digital desing , applicable to all fields of applied arts. Passionate about decoration and sculpture, I dedicate time to modernity.